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The History of Spray Foam Insulation

Although spray foam insulation as you may know it today truly emerged during the 1980s, spray foam actually have their roots several decades further previously, beginning with the creation of polyurethane foam from the 1940s by Otto Bayer.

Otto Bayer, a commercial chemist, actually began dealing with polyurethane in Germany during the late 1930s. This technology was brought to the us in early 1940s by David Eynon, the president of Mobay, a war effort conglomerate created from the partnering of two chemical industry giants, Monsanto along with the Bayer Corporation. Although Otto Bayer worked for Bayer Corporation, he had not been related to the company's founding family.

Over the 1940s, polyurethane polymers were used primarily in military and aviation applications. The production of war machines for your The Second World War conflict drove the majority of the uses of these high-grade plastic polymers throughout the war.

It had been not up until the 1950s that polyurethane began for use in home based insulation. It was actually the invention of your "Blendometer" that allowed for expansion of polyurethane application for the home insulation realm. The Blendometer was the first machine in a position to mix components for the creation of polyurethane foam and came to be by Walter Baughman in 1953.

The Blendometer allowed for your strategic mixing of chemicals to create what Baughman known as a plastic elastomer or an expanding foam. Liquid when applied, this plastic elastomer expanded right into a thick foam and consequently hardened upon drying.

Baughman's Blendometer was still a partially manual process, with humans tilting trays of chemicals to combine foam. Even though the machine did enable the utilization of polyurethane in home insulation as well as in other home-related applications, like ac unit insulation, it absolutely was still a technology in their infancy and something that made widespread utilization of polyurethane to be a residential insulation material no less cumbersome.

Polyurethane polymers were used in numerous means during the entire following decades, with incredible advancements being made in the car industry uses of the content particularly. However, it might be a lot more than two decades before the foam would become widely used in home based insulation processes.

Building on Baughman's invention, the primary dedicated spray technology machine was constructed in 1963 by Fred Gusmer. The 1960s and 1970s saw technological advancements which made spray foam's used in home insulation easier achievable and affordable.

It was actually also within the 1970s that the very idea of the "super insulated" home emerged. Largely driven from the energy crisis of your 1970s, home builders and homeowners alike began to search for strategies to boost the energy efficiency of homes.

The crisis fueled advancements in technology that laid the building blocks for modern spray foam applications. It had been the roll-out of advanced spray nozzle technology that allowed spray foam insulation for use widely in home construction and improvement projects.

spray foam insulation company foam nozzle allows the foam mixture along with the chemical responsible for its expansion capabilities to be separated until just prior to application. The spray foam mixture consists of several key components yet it is the expansion chemical, isosynate, which accounts for its easy application and expansive character.

The applying nozzle allows the foam mixture and also the isosynate to be shipped to the nozzle through separate hoses, mixing only seconds before being sprayed. The spray foam arrives at its destination like a liquid but quickly expands right into a foam substance and later dries in to a hardened plastic upon curing.

The 1980s and early 1990s saw a great deal of controversy within the spray foam insulation industry as different marketing schemes from various companies promoted the key benefits of closed verses open foam insulation so that as some companies attempted to market water blown foam application processes.

Though there has been much debate inside the industry, R-value standards, used to be a measure of determining energy efficiency, have cleared up a great deal of the controversy. R-value ratings clearly define closed foam as the most efficient means of making a home as energy efficient as possible.

Closed cell spray foam has additionally been added to this list of building requirements for creating homes in hurricane and earthquake zones more structurally sound. The improved stability of homes insulated with spray foam technology makes the utilization of spray foam an intelligent move for virtually any homeowner no matter geographic location.

Spray Foam Insulation and Its Benefits

Whether or not looking to insulate a completely new building or retrofitting a classic one, homeowners have realized spray polyurethane foam or SPF as a possible increasingly viable option. Essentially a spray applied plastic; it can form a continuous insulation and a complete air sealing barrier on walls, corners, and all of contoured surfaces. In this process, unique liquid contents are mixed and reacted chemically together and quickly to grow on contact and form the foam to provide the desired sealing and moisture barrier. This kind of insulation is highly preferred not alone for its extremely commendable effectiveness against heat transfer and also for its exceptional capability to reduce unwanted air infiltration through any joints, cracks or seams.

Kinds of SPF

spray foam insulation company is primarily of three types and useful for specific purposes. They may be -

High-density SPF which can be predominantly utilized for exterior and roofing applications.

Medium density SPF which is certainly mostly used for interior cavity fill, continuous insulation, and unvented attic applications.

Low-density SPF is better useful for unvented attic applications and interior cavity fills.

Every type features its own unique advantages and normally an SPF contractor takes into account, the building, climate, project, budget, etc. and suggests the best option to consider. In addition to the structure of the foam, its approach to delivery and installation also plays an important role. Additionally it is of three types i.e. high-pressure as well as low-pressure, two-component foam and insulating foam sealant.

Features of SPF

While each type of SPF features its own unique advantages and disadvantages, there are numerous common benefits and advantages of selecting this approach, especially over fiberglass as an insulation means. Few of its key advantages are highlighted below:-

Powerful insulator

Simply because of its expansive nature, SPF insulation is a lot more effective than other insulation and effectively seals all nooks and crannies. From it, you happen to be assured of not left exposed. The method's resistance value which is certainly its capability to produce an air-tight seal is the best out there at R-6.

Lower energy costs

Because of its high efficiency as being an insulator, it allows the home and house-owner to conserve significantly in their energy bills. Contrary to other methods saving about 30% in energy bills usually, The SPF insulation may reduce energy bills by 50% or more.

Air-tight seal

One big reason of mountainous energy bills is air leaks. However, no method takes better care of it than SPF. They will easily seal any holes or cracks in the smallest along with the darkest of your place. Its airtight seal is very powerful that studies suggest that it is about 24 times less permeable than any other type of insulation to air filtration.

Moisture barrier

Any holes or cracks in the walls or some other places not simply allow air but additionally moisture and water to permeate indoors. Featuring its known possible ways to cause harm, it really is imperative to keep them away. Being impermeable to water, the SPF not alone fantastically protects the attic and crawl space from possible moisture and leaks however in the scenario for flooding for any excuse, The SPF does not absorb moisture and water like other materials. This imperviousness to water helps and protects any living area.

Deters mold

SPF is made up of inert polymers which block of all the possible way to obtain food for your mold or bacteria. Thus no mold and mildew are able to thrive along with the house gets insulated against it. The closed-cell SP is way better with this trait as opposed to open cell SPF.

Long life span

The inert polymer of the SPF facilitates them getting an indefinite lifespan. Thus house owners and businesses are not essential to re-insulate for some time. Once installed, it can last approximately 20 years or more with optimal performance.

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