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Philosophy of Toddler care services

A good day care center assumes that kids learn and establish in a secure, loving environment. Since we are worrieded about the whole kid, we intend to stabilize their development in all locations: social, psychological, physical, and intellectual. Our educators and personnel are devoted to helping children grow at their natural pace by constructing their self-esteem, strengths, and abilities. Merely mentioned, the philosophy of A good day care center is to provide high quality, safe, protected, finding out experiences for the youngsters in a favorable environment. A good day care center is a Department of Early Ed and Care certified center serving children ages 3 months through age 7. Admission to A good day care center is based entirely on the availability of space for a provided age group. Every day your kid will experience a range of activities including monitored free play, stories, small group activities, sensory learning, music, and outdoor play. Our Toddler Program is developed for kids from 15 months to 2.9 years of age and is supervised by caregivers that are authorizeded by the Department of Early Ed and Care to specifically address this age. In a clean, wholesome environment, Toddlers are supplied with space, toys, and devices created for maximum learning and stimulation. The kids are held and snuggles to guarantee the sensation of love and security. The curriculum encourages socializing, large and small motor activities, and language formulation. Our preschool program concentrates on establishing the little one's imagination and interest for discovering. We provide a well-structured program where youngsters feel comfortable and reassured. Within each class, educators develop a warm environment in which kids can assert their freedom and learn practical life skills while establishing a favorable self-image through love and understanding. Youngsters are signed up into a program after a personal job interview, which consists of the moms and dad(s), the child and the Director. During the interview, the parent(s) and child are given a full trip of our facility at which time the kid is motivated to explore the classrooms, interact with other youngsters and our staff, and end up being knowledgeable about the surroundings. This also functions as an ideal time for the moms and dad(s) to ask any concerns they would like resolved. Parents are motivated to speak easily in the hope that when they leave the center, they have a good understanding of whatever we offer and exactly what we are all about. Children are accepted on a 4-week trial basis and need to be physically and emotionally able to take part in our program. During the course of your kid's registration, if it is figured out that this is not an appropriate setting for your youngster, you will certainly be asked to make alternative strategies for his/her care. Staff will aid in making a recommendation to a proper placement. Each kid is placed in a class that is best for him/her depending on age and readiness.

An educator will satisfy the kids at the bus each morning and accompany them into the structure. In the afternoons, an educator will go along with the kids to the bus. For the youngsters that do not come to and from the center on bus transport, parents are liable for bringing their kids to the. They either come to the center by public transport, private transport, or by walking.Youngsters showing up prior to 9:00 am will go to an appointed classroom where they will certainly be monitored by our morning staff. Our planned activities are from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Kindly attempt to bring your child to school by 9:00 am so that s/he will have the opportunity to begin the planned educational program part of the day with their peers. Upon arrival, moms and dads should bring their kid into their class and then put their child's belongings in his/her cubby, or other designated area. After the moms and dad has brought their kid into their space, this is the time to fill out any suitable documentation that needs to be finished (medication forms, and so on) and to inform the youngster's teacher of anything out of the normal with regard to the kid's habits, disposition, schedule, or wellness. Children in attendance after 5:00 pm will be appointed to a class where they will be supervised by our late afternoon staff. The centers close at 5:30 pm. If a kid is gotten after 5:30 pm, there is a cost of $1.00 a minute. The individual getting is anticipated to sign a late charge sheet and be prepared to pay the money that they owe for being late. Constant lateness can lead to termination. No kid will certainly be released to a person not licensed by a moms and dad. The permission MUST be in composing on the kid's application. Verbal authorization will be accepted just in emergency situations. We must release a youngster to either parent unless we have a court order stating single parent custody. We ask that of your emergency contacts be sixteen years of age and older. In the event of an emergency situation at any center such as a fire, natural disaster, and loss of power, heat or warm water, emergency situation treatments will certainly enter into immediate impact. In the event of evacuation, everyones will exit the building and proceed outdoors as mentioned in the evacuation plans posted at each exit and entrance. Moms and dads and/or emergency contacts will certainly be notified by means of telephone and instructed to select up their kids at the suitable destination. In case of any emergency or if your youngster is sick and the parent(s) can not be reached, the emergency contact individuals will certainly be called to get your child. In case of a natural catastrophe when we would not have the ability to leave the building, all youngsters will be brought to the first floor class. If possible by means of center telephone and/or cell phones, moms and dads and/or emergency contacts will certainly be informed. In case of a power outage, loss of water or heat source, all parents and/or emergency contacts will be advised to get their youngsters from the center promptly. A note with directions and cell phone number (s) will certainly be held on our front door. Our policy is to supply care for families whenever possible. On days that the Public Schools are closed in the city or town where your kid's center is found, the Center will delay opening till 8:00 am (Our Dorchester areas are in the Boston Public School District and our Quincy locations are in the Quincy Public School District) This is not revealed on the radio. If snow conditions get worse during the day, we may call you and ask you to choose up your child early. If there is a state of emergency, then the center will certainly be closed.

Kids at the center will certainly be protected from abuse and neglect while in our care and custody. Section 51A of chapter 119 of Massachusetts General Law needed every day care worker in any facility to report physical or psychological injury of any kid presumed to be caused by abuse or disregard, including sexual assault and lack of nutrition. Any employee who suspects abuse or neglect of a child have to instantly report such concerns to the Director. A meeting will certainly be established right away with the individual making the accusations and a comprehensive written report of the event will certainly be assembled. The Director will promptly report presumed abuse or overlook to the Department of Social Services (DSS). A report showing the realities understood and actions taken will be placed in the kid's file. A total copy of A good day care center'S Health Care Policy is on file and offered to all parents. Due to the communicability of childhood illnesses, moms and dads are advised to keep children in the house when they become ill. Any kid not well sufficient to take part in all activities, consisting of outdoor play needs to continue to be house until totally recovered. The parent will certainly be contacted promptly to choose up their kid if disease or emergency situation which requires medical attention establishes at school. If efforts to locate a parent are not successful, the adult licensed as the emergency contact on the child's application at the time of registration will certainly be informed to choose up the ill child. No child may be in participation without a full and up to date emergency situation contact list. While awaiting your arrival, your child will be positioned in a peaceful corner of their classroom to sleep or rest quietly with a book or puzzle. This is done for the comfort of your child along with to safeguard the other youngsters from infection. If a kid is sent home with a fever, the youngster is to remain home for a period of 245 hours after the fever breaks. If the child is sent out house with an undetermined rash, s/he may NOT return to school without a note from the child's doctor stating that the child is not contagious and may return to school.

If the child is sent house with conjunctivitis, s/he MUST be on the prescribed antibiotic eye drops or lotion for 24 hours before returning to school. If you take your kid to the physician and the doctor identifies that your kid's condition is not infectious, your kid may return to school the next day if gone along with by a note from the physician. Due to state policies and our authentic issue for the welfare of all children, households, and personnel members, some forms of health problem have to require exclusions from the program. We have tried to be particular in numerous situations, but we recognize the fact that we are not doctors, and can not detect ailment. We need to make decisions based upon the well-being of your kid and those who connect with him/her. Added Contagious illness: Such as strep throat and chicken pox. If we understand specific signs, which seem spreading throughout the center, we will certainly change this policy in an effort to aid in the control of the spread of the health problem. The following is a list of general guidelines, which have actually been developed with our Health Care Consultant to figure out when it is suitable for a child to return to the. A returning guideline will certainly be offered to the parent upon arrival when picking up their ill kid. It is compulsory that your kid have a total physical and up-to-date immunizations (consisting of Varricella) before beginning school, and have this updated every year while s/he is enrolled at a good child care center. If there is an opportunity that your youngster has been exposed to lead, then you might have your kid checked even more than as soon as a year.
Regular toileting times will certainly be provided within each group at change times such as meals, snack, outdoor time, prior to and after nap, in addition to when the child shows a need. Kids will certainly be monitored at all times. Hand cleaning will certainly be part of the day-to-day regimen at toileting time. Staff will certainly also wash their hands if aid was offered to a child. Clothing soiled by feces, blood, pee, or vomit will certainly be positioned in a double plastic bag to be brought house that evening and washed by the moms and dad. For wellness reasons, staff will not rinse out soiled garments. Younger youngsters might require extra reminders to makes use of the restroom. Personnel will certainly deal with these kids to keep them on a constant schedule. No kid will certainly be punished or disciplined for staining or moistening their clothes. In keeping with The Department of Early Ed and Care, we provide a rest time every day. Beginning after lunch, each child is established with his/her own mat and has one and a half to 2 hours to rest.

If we have actually a composed order from the kid's physician, prescribed and non-prescription medications may be administered at school just. We likewise require to have actually written adult permission, which showed that the medication is for the specified child. Any prescribed medication to be administered must be brought to school in the initial drug store prescription container, which should contain the label on the medication in addition to the specific youngster's name, certain dosage, number of times daily and variety of days that the medication is to be administered for. We shall not administer any medication contrary to the directions on the initial container unless so licensed by a composed order of the kid's doctor. We will keep all medication identified in its initial container, with the child's name, the name of the medicine and the directions for its administration and storage. We will store all medications from the reach of children and under proper conditions for cleanliness, security, security, and preservation. All unused medication will be gone back to the parent. The medical professional may provide a standing order listing for the non-prescription medication, which must include dosage and criteria for administration. This order will certainly stand no even more than a year from the date it was signed. Again, written consent from both parent and doctor have to be provided for administering any over-the-counter medications and parent will be contacted prior to administering medications. A yearly approvals slip have to be signed by parents/guardians in order for the permission to stay in result. Topical medications and/or ointments, which are not applied to open wounds, breakouts, or broken skin, might be administered to a child with parental permission. An annual approval slip should be signed by parents/guardians in order for the consent to stay in effect. Throughout the meeting, the parent(s) and youngster are offered a full trip of our center at which time the youngster is motivated to check out the classrooms, interact with other youngsters and our personnel, and end up being familiar with the environments. After the parent has actually brought their child into their space, this is the time to fill out any appropriate paperwork that needs to be completed (medication forms, etc.) and to inform the kid's educator of anything out of the common with regard to the kid's behavior, schedule, personality, or health. If attempts to locate a parent are unsuccessful, the adult licensed as the emergency contact on the youngster's application at the time of enrollment will be alerted to pick up the ill kid. If the youngster is sent home with an undetermined breakout, s/he could NOT return to school without a note from the youngster's doctor mentioning that the youngster is not infectious and may return to school. If there is a chance that your child has been exposed to lead, then you may have your child tested even more than when a year.

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