Sunday, 6 March 2016

Plumber in highlands ranch

The other day I walked down to the basement looking for something when I stepped onto a wet slushy carpet. What the heck? I started investigating and looking for the source. Half of the room was soaked and I still couldn't find the source. I got on my phone and searched (emergency plumbing highlands ranch. There I found a company called 1st Choice Plumbing. I called them up and said I had an emergency and they had someone come right out. That alone surprised me. The plumber shows up and I take him down stairs and show him the problem. He begins to check the walls and ceilings as he walks around. He then accesses a storage closet and finds a valve that had been leaking for days if not weeks. Who knows how long as the leak did not seem to be very fast. He said he could fix it and recommended getting air movers to dry out the carpet to prevent mold. I said YES, please do whatever you need to do to get this fixed. He went back to his truck for some tools and then began to work on the broken valve. Once that was fixed he had another guy pull up with air movers and got them in place in the basement to begin drying everything out. I was in awe at how efficiently they worked and knew exactly what to do with the problem.
Once he got everything in place he said he would leave and be back to check on the carpet the next day. True to his word and on time he came back. When we both went to the basement the carpet was dry. We checked for any other damage and were lucky to discover nothing else was wet or destroyed. He said I called at just the right time to salvage the carpet and get the leak fixed before it moved over to the hardwood floor. He got the carpet back in place and removed the air movers.
I settled up the bill with him and he was on his way. He recommended that I get the carpets shampooed to remove any stains but that everything else was good. I sat there after all was said and done and I was very appreciative and thankful that there are still good plumbers working in the field and especially in my area Highlands Ranch. You never think of plumbers until you’re in desperate need of one. This was a very good experience overall and I have no problems referring my highlands ranch plumber to anyone. I hope everyone has a great experience like I did.


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