Friday, 6 May 2016

Why Diamonds Are Better Than Other Precious Stones

There are a lot of precious metals, but diamond is among the most cherished. It is actually looked at as the superior of all precious metals. Its stature makes it the most sort after gemstone when compared with emeralds, rubies and possibly even sapphires, even though they all hold special beauty. Diamonds still remain popular even in their own clear look. What are the reasons behind such prestige and popularity?

High Melting Point

It's among the attributes that directly links diamonds to lastingness. They have been quite challenging and thus have a high melting point in comparison with other gemstones. They can withstand high temperatures and not get damaged. It is a feature that definitely gives them an edge over jewels and jewelry.

Outstanding Hardness

It means that diamonds can last a life still maintaining their great beauty. Jewelsamonds They're the hardest known naturally occurring substances making them superior to other gemstones. With this characteristic comes high complete toughness and high tensile strength in contrast to other jewels. Your diamond can live serious injury and still stand intact.

Dazzling Clarity

Diamond can record and also reflect light thanks to their clearness. You'll consequently love their sparkling, shimmering look. This appearance makes diamonds most favored in jewelry. They can realize amazing transparency over the broad wavelength spectrum in comparison to the other jewels which range from ultraviolet to infrared. A good diamond cut only adds to its quality with the shimmer making it even more brilliant than it naturally is.

Abundant Symbolism

The standing diamonds have received over the centuries gives them a rich symbolism, making them even more desirable and popular. They may be really said to be forever and represent eternity and love. People receiving diamond rings or jewels spin additional symbolism and meaning to them compared to other stone. The symbolism around diamonds definitely makes them look superior and better than other jewels which are just as valuable.


Most of US think that diamonds come only in clear white color. Nevertheless, this gemstone is versatile when it comes to colors. Unlike some gemstones available only in one colour, diamonds are available in an assortment of shades. The complete variety of colours causes it to be possible for them to fit into different jewelry sorts and styles. You are able to make a statement with diamond colours of your choice.

Whereas every gemstone comes with its good points, diamond seems to consistently outshine the remaining precious stones. The popularity around these stone is not about to die out; it actually continues to gain increasingly more popularity as the days go by. Diamonds can be paired with other precious metals and gemstones to reach exceptional hitting jewelry pieces. Don't forget to look at clarity and style of the diamond when picking a jewelry piece for example an engagement or wedding ring.

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