Monday, 8 September 2014

Does Your Temporary Labor Staffing Agency Have the Complete Package?

A construction staffing agency that has everything you need all in one place is a must for today's companies. Whether you are growing or downsizing, a staffing agency will help project mangers stay on budget, and on time, by providing skilled labor where and when you need it.

Same-day Solutions

Whenever you need a skilled craftsman, a staffing agency leader will fill all of your labor staffing needs immediately. They should be able to handle any request, during all phases of your construction project, whether you need labor in the beginning, the center or on the completion of your project. You will be furnished with same-day solutions so you will not have to spend time finding a replacement for an injured or sick employee. This may keep you on task additionally, on time.

Choose a full-service construction Labor Staffing FAQs, that specializes in providing professional skilled laborers to construction project managers with numerous staffing locations across the United States. Having the ability to work nationally makes it easy to deal with one contact person for all your projects across the country. You may forget about posting jobs, screening and interviewing candidates, and worrying about all the paperwork involved.

The following is a list of a few of the key essential qualities that a construction staffing agency should posses.

1. Conduct very thorough one-on-one interviews

2. Verify education and certification requirements

3. Organize, file and maintain all paperwork and documentation affiliated with each skilled worker

4. Perform drug screenings and background checks

5. Manage payroll and benefits

Some of the industries served may be:

Industrial Construction, Manufacturing, Commercial Construction, Disaster Relief & Response, Drilling & Exploration, Alternative Energy, CDL Drivers, Shipyard Labor, Residential Construction, Construction of Government Institutions, Electrical and Mechanical Construction, Oil & Gas Drilling/Exploration, General Labor & Skilled Trades (assembly, distribution, maintenance, warehouse, etc.) and lightweight Technical Labor.

Additional important qualities:

If you find yourself dissatisfied while using the worker the fact that the construction labor staffing agency has provided you with, are they going to send an alternative? How soon can you expect that replacement to arrive at the job? Will you be charged for the worker that was replaced? In addition, is each candidate entered into the database constantly monitored and evaluated to guarantee the performance of the skilled laborers meets your quality of excellence standards? Are you finding your skilled worker backed by using a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

These are important questions that needs to be answered just prior to you by using a staffing agency.

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