Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What is the RREM Program New Jersey?

The Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation | RREM Program in NJ dispenses up
to $150,000 in RREM grant funding assistance to eligible New Jersey homeowners. The RREM Program in NJ will distribute funds to help home owners restore their primary residence damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The RREM program in NJ was developed for the homeowner to work with a pre-qualified FEMA Approved contractor to undertake the construction. New Jersey will conduct federally-required reviews, including environmental clearances.

McEvoy Homes, LLC is a family owned residential construction company located in Keyport, New Jersey. Founded in 2000 by lifelong local resident Michael T. McEvoy, we have gained notoriety as being the Flood Victims Advocate in the region. We developed this reputation due to our honest business practices and for providing our clients guidance and support in troubled times. The company currently services Monmouth County, focusing on Restoring The Shore from Keyport, NJ, Asbury Park, NJ & Union Beach, NJ down along the coast to Atlantic Highlands & Sea Bright, NJ.
Specializing in House Lifting NJ is nothing new to McEvoy Homes. We have been building new homes and renovating old houses in the flood plain for many years prior to Hurricane Sandys arrival. We understand the engineering, architecture, and government regulations that combined give us the ability to design and build high quality FEMA compliant homes.

The company specializes in the following types of construction:
Flood zone Construction in New Jersey
House Elevation in NJ New Jersey
New Home Construction in New Jersey
Complete Home Replacement (Knockdown/Re-Build)
House Raising in NJ New Jersey
Major Renovations and Complete Home Makeovers
Masonry Services NJ
Our strong history and experience is based in rrem program new jersey and new home construction in New Jersey ,renovating old homes, and all phases of masonry and concrete work. In the last three years alone we have built new or performed complete renovations on over 50 homes. In addition, we have completed major commercial masonry and foundation projects that include the entire Keyport New Jersey and Asbury Park New Jersey Waterfront renovations. Our experienced and caring team is waiting to help you navigate your construction project.

After applying for insurance claim, grants and loans (RREM, HMGP, etc.):
1.For RREM program NJ recipients you must choose between RREM PATHWAY B (Freedom to select your own contractors) or RREM PATHWAY C (Use government appointed contractors).
2.Determine if your mortgage company is in possession of your flood insurance funds.
3.Determine if your house should be lifted or demolished.
4.Obtain a current elevation certificate.
5.Obtain a survey.
6.Determine your lot size.
7.Determine if your house is on city sewer and water.
8.Determine if you have a septic system or water well.
9.Determine if your gas service line is removed all the way to the street, or if its still hooked up.
10.Determine if your electric service wires have been disconnected from your home
11.Determine if you are building a new home, or renovating your existing home.
12.If new home construction, determine how many square feet you are considering.

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