Monday, 11 July 2016

10 Things Your iPad Can Do for You

For those who don't know, the iPad is a somewhat complex gadget that was created by the technically-inclined Steve jobs of Apple Inc. This contraption has been responsible for saving millions of people from apathy, making it a vogue accessory among youngsters.

For those who've guessed it, the following lines are going to be about significant technology news concerning the new iPad launch.

As touch-tastic as the iPad already is, and with lots of attributes buried inside it, such as the ability of the user to access their home computer and put it to use from anywhere on earth, the following are some of the other things that may be done with the iPad Air.

1. Own it

Once you have finished admiring Apple's slinky new tablet PC, why not customize it to your liking. You will have the ability to alter the background picture of your iPad. Users will also be able to freely order their apps and bookmarks as they please. Accessibility options, including, voice over and mono sound output signal options may also be provided, as well as a "white on black" high contrast setting for people who have diminished eyesight. If this is your first iPad but you've used an iPhone or a Mac, iCloud can also help alleviate the pain.

The importance of the iCloud has been the issue of significant technology news blogs and forums online, and rightly so, with it you are able to configure the following;

2. Get Your Free iWork and iLife Apps

iPhone, iPod and iPad buyers now get a suite of Apple productivity and media-creation programs for free. Since all the programs are universal, if you have already got them in your iPhone you'll have the ability to re-download the iPad variations at no cost via your 'Already Purchased apps' option on the App Store.

3. Get Access to Free Stuff

And there is more. You do not have to pay for much, papers, magazines, and cable TV subscriptions like HBO offer programs which provide extra free content. Link your subscriptions via e-mail addresses and passwords from those websites and publications and you're all set.

4. Choose Your Own Cloud

As mentioned earlier, Apple has a variety of iCloud services, including iTunes Match for keeping and streaming all your music away from home.

5. Social Media Made Simple

Twitter and Facebook are the social networks to fill the gap that Apple, unlike Google, does not natively provide. Visit Settings and look for the different listings for Facebook and Twitter, enter your info download the apps and you are in.

6. Remove Pop-up Banner Ads

Since apps are understood to cry via banners and pop-ups, you are able to prevent yourself from being irritated by ensuring the banners are switched off, with no notifications appearing in the lock screen.

7. Customize Folders

Thanks to the iOS7, now you can drag over a hundred apps into an individual folder, which suggests less clutter on your own screen. You may also name them after classes you use the most like Videos, Games etc or Mother, Dad, Wife and so forth.

8. Lock Display Spinning

The contents on a screen turning sideways with your every move can get irritating, particularly when you are reading an interesting e-book. Now you are able to change the side toggle to lock the rotation of your iPad screen.

9. Require Conference Calls

There are some scenarios in which using an iPad just makes more sense, such as, setting up conference calls.

10. Find a Case

And last but surely not the least, you'll need to get a Ipad air case to keep your new investment safe. And there is no program for that. Sorry!

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