Thursday, 28 July 2016

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It becomes good sense that inhaling the scary 7,357 extremely dangerous chemicals in tobacco smoke cannot even remotely can compare to an ecigarette with its few ingredients for instance nicotine, flavour (if you use our Doubler Eliquids safest known ingredients only) and harmless propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

You are going to just have to make the own choices. Smoke or

Some other research on smoke.. warning scary!

Scientific study has estimated that cigarette smoke has 7,357 chemical compounds from many different classes (Rodgman and Perfetti 2009 )

- A few of the more commonly known chemicals in cigarette smoke

Cancer causing chemicals in tobacco smoke include:

- Benzene;

- 2-naphthylamine;

- 4-aminobiphenyl;

- Chromium;

- Cadmium;

- Vinyl chloride;

- Ethylene oxide;

- Arsenic;

- Beryllium;

- Nickel; and

- Polonium-210.1,2

Toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke include:

- Nicotine - the addictive agent in tobacco smoke;

- Formaldehyde - used in preservation of laboratory specimens;

- Ammonia - utilized in toilet cleaner;

- Hydrogen Cyanide - used in rat poison;

- Acetone - used in nail polish remover;

- Carbon monoxide - within car exhaust;

- Tar - particulate matter in cigarette smoke;

- Toluene - found in paint thinners;

- Phenol - used in fertilisers. 1,2

These chemicals are considered toxic because they have serious health impacts around the

human body. By way of example:

- Hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and tar cause, or are linked to,

cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive lung disease;1 and

- Ammonia and formaldehyde cause eye, nose and throat irritations and other

difficulty in breathing.

Now here an extensive set of chemical components found in tobacco smoke:…/PMC…/table/t1-ijerph-08-00613/

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