Friday, 8 July 2016


Failing is never simple, particularly when you are a law student. Whether you’ve failed within an assignment or exams or in an entire area, it may make you think that you can’t be a lawyer in the first place. For many people, even not getting the marks according to the expectations is itself a failure but whatever sort of failure you have been through, it doesn’t mean that you just can’t be a lawyer, that too for a number of reasons:


Law students always pressurize themselves to attain. In now’s highly competitive world, we are habitual to believe that failure denotes we will not be great for it. Believing this, we often don't remember that our degree, which will be an excellent part of our professional life, isn't an ending but a learning experience. You are bound to make mistakes or might even neglect during the process of learning and this is something very natural. It surely isn't any index that you can’t be a lawyer or a great lawyer.

2.My Poor Marks are my Failure!

Failure/Bad marks or the High/Great marks are no sign of your ability to practice law. Marks fluctuate and are reliant upon a variety of variables. It's possible for you to score the best of them in the first session while the worst in the second. This is particularly based on the type of assessment you have been provided with. At times when you might have taken help from and composed great research essays, still couldn’t manage to score as per the expectations?
There are some exceptionally knowledgeable individuals who don’t get good marks in the assessments and to an extent are the indication of your abilities but they can be definitely not the final world on your character or the skill to practice law.

3. Okay, so what does make a great lawyer?

To be an excellent lawyer, fundamental people and work skills are very critical. Time and again, we hear to be able to attain success you must show it more in your performance. The abilities that have to be an excellent lawyer are the Communicating skills, Time management, an understanding of law application in practice and an ability to give practical advice. That's the truth of practicing law.


I 've already discussed that if you have failed, never treat it as an ending because it actually just isn't the end of the road. Take enough time to think what can be done about it and how can you address it in the future. Failing a subject does not automatically mean that you do not possess the essential skills to be a great lawyer. Keep doing your best and you are going to rock!

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